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Delhi Amazon Seller Course

Best Amazon Seller Traing in Delhi,Your Ticket To Success And Financial Freedom in 2023!

eCommerce coach offer Amazon seller training course in uttam nagar,Delhi. It is different. Instead of the hype and lies that most other Amazon seller courses feed you, our course gets directly to the point and answers the following question: “How can I start and build an Amazon business that will give me steady income for the long term?” The information in this course comes from an actual Amazon seller who has built a successful Amazon business that is stable, reliable, and flexible.

About instructor

Ecommerce Business Models

Tips to build an unforgettable ecommerce brand

Content strategy for an ecommerce store

Types of Products

Private Brand Products
White Label Product
Own label brand

Amazon account level

. Individual (Basic) Seller Professional Seller
. Professional seller

Amazon referral fees
Account setup


Add Products
Add Products via Upload
Complete Your Drafts
View Selling Applications
Improve Listing Quality
Upload Images
Upload and Manage Videos
Manage Product Documents


Manage All Inventory
Sell Globally
Manage FBA Appointments
Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
Manage FBA Inventory
Inventory Planning
Manage FBA Shipments


Pricing Health
Manage Pricing
Resolve Price Alerts
Automate Pricing
Fee Discounts


Manage Orders
Order Reports
Upload Order Related Files
Manage Returns
Manage SAFE-T Claim


Campaign Manager
A+ Content Manager
Prime Exclusive Discounts


Growth Opportunities
Explore Programs
Marketplace Product Guidance
Seller Rewards
Refer a friend
Product Suggestions


Amazon Selling Coach
Business Reports
Return Reports
Custom Reports
Inventory Reports
Tax Document Library
Manage Taxes


Account Health
A-to-z Guarantee Claims
Chargeback Claims
Performance Notifications
Product Insights
Voice of the Customer
STEP (Your Growth Plan)

Amazon system of cutting listing

Matching Products

Amazon search engine optimisation

Ranking factor on amazon
Amazon Indexing
Optimizing listing for high placement

.Amazon’s search algorithm ‘A9’

.Amazon SEO

Improving performance

Fulfillment method
Sales history
Instock rate
Ecommerce tools


Keyword Research

Optimizing product listing


Flat file
•Excel or text file
•Reference by product SKU
•Different files for different tasks
• Category-specific fields

Flat file types

•Inventory uploader
•Price and quantity

The Buy Box

Buy Box accounts for 83% of sales
Price is a factor but not a guarantee
New condition only Not all sellers are eligible
Buy Box %

Ranking factors

Fulfillment method
Landed price
Shipping time & delivery performance
Stock availability
Seller performance

Dynamic Pricing

Managing prices manually
Amazon Automatic pricing
Automated pricing Tools

Other Pricing Features

Pricing health.
Fix pricing alerts.
Automate pricing.
Fee discount.

General shipping settings

Shipping address
Order fulfilment settings
Handling time
SFP status and daily prime shipping limit

Shipping Templates
Domestic shipping
International shipping
Assigning Template

Listing level shipping settings

Set under the offer tab
Shipping templates
Handling time