If you want to get more views on YouTube, you need to respond to viewer comments, create video playlists, design attention-grabbing thumbnails and more.

1-Just after deciding your niche research everything about your video category-competitors,latest changes in your market segment,whitepaper,survey,magazine, newspaper and newsletters.

2-Make at least 500 hundreds keywords list including longtail and short tail keywords and make video content around them.
3-Set a theme for your thumbnail and make it outstanding by focusing on green,orange,yellow and blue color schemes.
4-Make the best use of youtube playlist,cards and end screen.
5-Promote your YouTube videos on Google,facebook,Instagram,twitter and popular sites like medium, Reddit,Qura.
6- Make an emotional appeal to your viewer to subscribe to your youtube channel.
7-Give your viewer to freedom to embed your video by enabling embedding features of youtube

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